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About me!

Audio Production

Pictured: Me on the set of my senior project with the boom I made out of a swiffer and some tape

At the beginning of quarantine, I had to learn how to edit and mix vocals to keep my a cappella group going. Over time, I learned more and more about audio, as more and more people asked me to work on their projects. All of the original songs, and the Bruin Harmony video below have been produced by me, with the help of my friend/writing partner, Jeong. On the set of my senior project, the mics that the producer bought broke on set, so I had to step in and run the audio while still performing in the production, which explains the picture you see here.



Video: A dance to "Pink Elephants on Parade" from Dumbo

Over quarantine, our dance teachers at UCLA assigned us weekly choreography projects. The assignments were super loose; we just got to choose songs, and then dance to them. I learned that I love to make up dances! I certainly don't think that I want to choreograph professionally, but it is something that I enjoy. This was filmed in my Parent's bedroom with my Mom's stuffed gnome.

Bruin Harmony

Video: Bruin Harmony's cover of "Still Feel"- Half Alive

When I came to college, the first thing I did was audition for UCLA's Premiere all-male a cappella group: Bruin Harmony. After two years, I became the music director. I learned how to arrange music, and when we went online because of COVID, we had to find a new way to sing together. I arranged the song in this video, and then the group members sent in voice memos of them singing their part. Jeong edited all of the memos together, and then I mixed them! This group has given some of my favorite memories, and some of my closest friends.

Bharm Reading.jpg

What am i reading right now?

The answer is: The Silmarillion

My whole family is comprised of Lord of the Rings fans, so I grew up a huge Lord of the Rings nerd. I read every book in the series, except for the Silmarillion, because I always thought it was too hard to read. The book explains the history and mythology that leads into the Lord of the Rings, so it's more similar to Greek Mythology than a novel. It is difficult to follow, but I am enjoying it so far. I also happen to be a Greek Mythology nerd, so it marries my two interests well.

And Finally...

Please enjoy this video of my dog and I fighting over a brussels sprout

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